Welcome to the Hawaiian Hockey Club

The Hawaiian Hockey Club (HHC) is a social club that promotes camaraderie among Hawaii’s ice hockey players, supports youth programs, and provides organizational assistance to out-of-state teams desiring to play in Honolulu.

“The games are great! The guys are so fast and skilled! I love coming down to the rink and watching a good fast game.”

A. Jewell


“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a hockey game. I find it relaxing to watch in spite of how aggressive it can be.”

E. Barney

“Since we moved here from California we miss watching the Sharks play in the Shark Tank. When we heard about hockey at the Ice Palace we were excited to come and watch a few games. Not quite the same as we’re used to but the pace is great. Especially in the upper division. Wow! Some of those guys can really play.”

F. Rone

Calendar – Ice Palace Hawaii rink schedule